An Additional Way to Overcome Prospecting Fear

overcome prospecting fearTaking a completely different approach to overcome prospecting fear, we feature another top network marketing leader, Todd Falcone.

Todd does a fantastic job of explaining a great way to get past prospecting fear. – And I can vouch for the effectiveness of what Todd has to say.

It works!

Because I used to be terrified of prospecting. And I mean it.

For a long time, I got adrenaline rushes when prospecting! But not any more.

It took a lot of work to overcome prospecting fear, and a lot of the successful work I did centers around what Todd shares in this video.


Overcome Prospecting Fear

Both this video and the video from Monday by Cesar Rodriguez focus on the same thing: small baby steps.

Baby steps are the key to succeeding in any area of life, especially when working on growth and change.

How to Implement Todd Falcone’s Suggestions

If the thought of prospecting still makes you freak out, or following Todd’s suggestions still makes you sweat, then  keep this journal.

Write the following down:

  1. Where you are
  2. What emotion you’re feeling – rate it from 1-10
  3. What is your automatic negative thought?
  4. What evidence do you have that supports that thought?
  5. What evidence does not support that thought?
  6. List an alternative thought
  7. Now what emotion are you feeling, and how would you rate it, 1-10?

Keep a journal, and every time you feel nervous, answer these 7 questions.

Then go do what you were afraid to do.

This is how you overcome prospecting fear!


You see, every time you avoid something because you’re afraid of it, you cement that fear deeper in yourself.

And conversely, every time you’re afraid and do that action anyway, you break the mental cycle – you loosen fear’s grip.

Keep doing it, and you win the battle.

You’ll also naturally get better at prospecting in the process.


More Resources to Overcome Prospecting Fear

If you missed it, check out Monday’s post on Overcoming Prospecting Fear, and the video with Cesar Rodriguez.

It’s well worth checking out.

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