While updating this site, I sifted through a lot of posts. And after all that work, I figured it’d make your life easier if I pulled the best of the best of the blog, together in one place.

Here ya go. 🙂


The Big Picture

To succeed in network marketing, you need a combination of great listening skills, great interpersonal skills, a habit of continual growth, and a willingness to work hard.

And because of this skill set needed, the best of the best of the blog covers a fairly broad range of topics. So depending on where you needs and interests lay, there should be something here for every network marketer.



Blogging is a solid way for network marketers to grow their business.

Sometimes humor is the best way to get a point across. If you’re going to name a domain, read this first!

Here are blogging mistakes worth avoiding!

I’ve stumbled across plenty of writing mistakes, too. Remember: You need to write differently for the screen than for paper.

If you blog, you want to be sure to also set up a newsletter. Here’s a complete step-by-step guide, so you know exactly what to do. with lots of screenshots to see what to do.

Check out these 23 ways to boost your blog traffic!



3 little-known leadership characteristics, from Jim Collins. Enough said. (and if you don’t know who Jim Collins is, then you definitely need to read this post!)

What an awesome and insightful book – this will really be a huge help to you!

Make “no” your friend.

Use networking events to your advantage – this is one of my favorite ways to grow my business, in fact.

…And who can’t use a little inspiration and motivation?


Network Marketing Best Practices

Jason Borne shares that an awful lot of network marketers are focused on the wrong thing.

7 ways to market your business that you may not have considered.

Can introverts succeed in this business? You bet! Even extroverts can learn from these gentle prospecting approaches.

Learn the real secret to getting really, really good at talking to people.

And please realize, you’re smarter than you think!

Yes, it really is easy to use video to build your business. And its an easy way around being nervous, while still getting into action.


Network Marketing Worst Practices

Avoid these painful mistakes. Yes, I had every single one of these said to me.

Network marketing phrases to make prospects flee, part 1

Network marketing phrases to make prospects flee, part 2

How to prospect without harassing friends and family: 3 Problems and 3 Solutions


Time Management

SMART Goals are a great time management tool. Get going with them here.

Make your time count with this approach to goal setting.


Starting Out Strong

Nervous about prospecting? Here’s help overcoming that fear so many are held back by.

Here is a collection of MLM start up tips that leave you on solid ground.

Also check out the New Here? Page.


The Best of the Blog…

These most popular posts are consistent favorites here.

Check out the Pinterest shares on this article covering an Eric Worre webinar I attended!

One of the most visited pages on the blog, and also listed above, these 3 examples of SMART Goals are a big hit!

And take those goals a step further, and use them in 90-day cycles.

A lot of people wonder about different network marketing companies being scams, including Asea, Young Living, and Reliv (my personal favorite company).

Apparently a lot of people are concerned with seeming like they’re harassing friends and family while prospecting. This posts calms those fears, and shows you how to prospect gently.


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