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One key to success is having the right mindset. Here are mindset hacks to help you grow to be your best possible you

Network Marketing Start Up – What to Do?

When doing a network marketing start up, just what is the best thing to do? Most uplines tell you to list everyone you know, and then call them and invite them over to a party, or you can bring the party to them. But what else is there to do? And what if you feel…

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Setting Powerful Network Marketing Goals

Set network marketing goals – that’s the key to success. …Or is it? How. many. times. have you or someone you know started out their goal setting by saying, “I’m going to earn $1,000 this month”? And they they  – or you – don’t meet that goal? And what if you use S.M.A.R.T. goals… and…

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Fearless Prospecting

Fearless prospecting. Is it possible? Sort of. (I bet that wasn’t the answer you were expecting.) I’m reading an amazing book that a good friend told me about, Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount. And it ties in perfectly to being nervous about prospecting. You’ll hear more about Fanatical Prospecting next week, but it made sense…

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SMART Goal Examples

Prior to using SMART goals, I found that goals were helpful, but they didn’t significantly change things in my life. So when I first heard about SMART goals, I figured it was just more of the same: how to set a slightly different goal that didn’t do much. It took seeing SMART goal examples before…

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Cold Market Prospecting… Really?!!

I was chatting with my business coach today, talking about cold market prospecting, and it dawned on me that you might find our discussion helpful. Because most people are either utterly intimidated by the idea of prospecting their cold market, or (pardon my blunt-ness) totally clueless how to do it without being pushy or obnoxious.…

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Put Prospecting on Auto-Pilot and Get Leads to Come to You

Every network marketer and person in direct sales wants to get leads. – You have to, if you’re going to grow your business, but yet that’s the very thing so many struggle with. In my last Network Marketing Workshop, we touched briefly on how to market and get leads to come to you, but we…

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