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Struggling with your Network Marketing training or Direct Sales business? MLMs do a good job training, but they use methods that were somewhat effective before the age of the internet. Times have changed, and so should your marketing.

Network Marketing Start Up – What to Do?

When doing a network marketing start up, just what is the best thing to do? Most uplines tell you to list everyone you know, and then call them and invite them over to a party, or you can bring the party to them. But what else is there to do? And what if you feel…

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Network Marketing Facts

Network Marketing Facts – waste of money, or ticket to freedom? The short answer is, network marketing isn’t necessarily either. But that begs the question, what are the network marketing facts? How does network marketing differ from a pyramid scheme? And what’s involved? Are network marketing companies not financially stable? How can you do succeed…

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Setting Powerful Network Marketing Goals

Set network marketing goals – that’s the key to success. …Or is it? How. many. times. have you or someone you know started out their goal setting by saying, “I’m going to earn $1,000 this month”? And they they  – or you – don’t meet that goal? And what if you use S.M.A.R.T. goals… and…

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How to Talk About Your Network Marketing Business?

One of the most frequent problems network marketers have is figuring out how to start a conversation with someone and talk about your network marketing business. And perhaps the worst advice I’ve ever heard was, “Don’t worry about it. Just talk to people.” This advice doesn’t tell how. In this post, we’ll go into multiple…

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Five Steps to Fail Forward

I’ll be the first to admit it: it’s really not fun to fail. But these five steps to fail forward, taken from Fail Fast, Fail Often by Babineaux and Krumboltz, really put a whole new spin on failing… And turning failure into success!   How Did We Get Here? Before I go over the five…

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Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I’ve pulled the top ten most popular blog posts for 2016 together so the best of the best are all in one location. 10. How to Prospect without Harassing Friends and Family Ranking 10th among the popular popular blog posts for 2016, and obviously a hot topic among aspiring…

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