How I Write a Blog Post

How I write a blog post seemed to be the perfect article for my 100th post! With the hours and hours I’ve logged writing, I’ve learned quite a lot. Figured it was worth sharing. In this article I’ll explain how I: get ideas for topics – the hardest part of writing a blog post develop…

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23 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic – Today

  “How do you boost blog traffic? How will people even find my blog?” I was teaching a blogging class for teens and young adults, and this question popped up.  – What a great question! After all, if no one can find your blog, how will people read what you’ve worked so hard to put together?…

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10 Plugins You Must Have for Your Blog

  One of the very best things for your blog is to have a few really good plugins.   But why care? If you don’t know the benefit of plugins, you’re really missing out. Plugins are important tools that take a plain blog and make it user-friendly, safe from spammers, and professional-looking.   Benefits you’ll…

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Don’t Make These 5 Blogging Mistakes

Some blogging mistakes are pretty easy to spot if you’re relatively new to blogging, but others may not be so obvious. Being a blogger, I read a lot of blogs, and when I find a really great blog post, I’ll save it and share with my readers, typically once a month. This is one such…

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March Blog Post Roundup

  The March Blog Post Roundup has the 7 best blog posts I’ve stumbled across this month.   I spend about 30 minutes most days reading and learning something new, and when I come across something that really impresses me, I bookmark it to share.   For March, most of the information can be broken…

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complete your blog in record time

7 Shortcuts to Complete Your Blog in Record Time

7 Shortcuts to Complete Your Blog in Record Time     Curious how to complete your blog in record time? A lot of people are intimidated about blogging, because they think it’s incredibly time consuming.  I used to think that as well.  And while yes, blogging does take time, it doesn’t need to take over…

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Work Less Earn More MLM

How to Work Less and Earn More with Your MLM

How to Work Less and Earn More with Your MLM     How to work less and earn more with your MLM is simple: blog. Blogging has all kinds of advantages that easily boost your business, including:   1. A blog is permanent real estate on the internet.   2. A blog is yours –…

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9 Powerful Resources for Bloggers

9 Powerful Resources for Bloggers     Every day I dig for gold. I read five blogs daily, searching for great info and powerful resources for bloggers that I can share. Here’s what I found after a month of treasure seeking, the best of all I’ve come across. May these 9 resources provide you with…

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common writing mistakes bloggers make

7 Common Writing Mistakes Bloggers Make

7 Common Writing Mistakes Bloggers Make     I see 7 common writing mistakes bloggers make surprisingly often. I’ve seen blogs that turned me off immediately (see point #1). Others started out looking really great, and then got worse the further I read (see points #2, 3, 4, & 7). Others still provided a facepalm or…

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5 Blogging Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

  It’s really hard to know what you don’t know, and the 5 blogging mistakes you don’t know you’re making is a result of reading perhaps a hundred blog posts over the past month, and noting what simple mistakes are out there.   Sometimes a little objectivity can go a long way, and hopefully you…

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