Complete Guide to Writing a Network Marketing Newsletter

Complete Guide to Writing a Network Marketing NewsletterThis complete guide to writing a network marketing newsletter, with step by step screenshots, should make it simple for any network marketer to successfully set up and launch your own newsletter.

Here, I show you each step, where you see what I see, and learn how exactly to make this newsletter thing happen. Successfully.

In this article, I cover the nuts and bolts of choosing an email service provider, and setting up a template.

In future articles, I’ll discuss what to put in those emails, and how to have an effective campaign. (Hint: be sure to sign up for my emails to hear about it.)

Let’s begin.


1. The Preferred Email Service for a Network Marketing Newsletter

For a network marketing newsletter I strongly recommend Aweber, since they’re the friendliest to network marketers, at the time of this writing.

Other email services have varying degrees of non-friendliness towards network marketers, and can give you troubles. Some will even shut down your account.

No fun.

So stick with Aweber, at least until things change. (This is the stuff most people don’t know about. This first tip alone should save you untold headaches!)


2. Create Your Account

You’ll get your first month free with Aweber, after which point you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Your pick.

Aweber network marketing newsletter 1

3. Set Up Your Account

It’s easiest to set up your account, and everything connected with it, all at once.

Just be aware that you’re required (by law) to have a mailing address, so if you don’t have a business address, and don’t want complete strangers to have your home address, go get a small P.O. Box.

It’s a good deal, especially where privacy is concerned.

You can access your Aweber account at any time by hovering over your username on the upper right corner of the screen. “My Account” is the first item on the dropdown menu.Aweber network marketing newsletter set up account

4. Create Your First Message

When I first opened my Aweber account, I used one of their templates, but in the end I preferred creating my own clean design, and cloning it for future use.

It’s this exact process that I’m walking you through. (But if you prefer following Aweber’s tutorials on creating a fancy, creative email series, then feel free.)

The reason I chose the clean design is simple: the top network marketing newsletters – and newsletters in general I receive, all have a very clean design. No fancy color scheme, no flowery background. It’s white, and their content is stellar. (This also helps emails get past spam filters – I’ll discuss that later.)


Once you’re signed up and signed in, it’s time to create your first message. Conveniently enough, it’s right on the home page after you log in.

Aweber network marketing newsletter


5. Crafting Your First Email

When you click on Create Message three choices drop down.ย  Use the first, Drag & Drop Email Builder – that one is simple to set up and looks good too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Aweber network marketing newsletter 3a


6. Setting up the Body of the Email

Here’s what you see next:

Aweber network marketing newsletter 4That text is pretty small, isn’t it? The first thing I do is keep the font, because it’s easy to read, but increase the font size to 16.


7. Add the Headline

Once the font size is increased, then add a Headline. Simply drop and drag above the “Hi {!firstname_fix}” – and don’t delete that “Hi {!firstname_fix}”. It’s handy to have around.


Aweber network marketing newsletter 5Play with the headline, and get it how you like it. I like two different font sizes, keeping my header very clean and simple. For a reason. Here’s what mine looks like in Aweber:

Aweber network marketing newsletter 6

8. Keep the Design Clean

The reason for keeping the emails minimalist is that first off, as mentioned earlier in the article, all top network marketing newsletters keep their emails that way. People like it.

Some top email newsletters have no images at all, which helps pass spam detectors, and a few have a header image.

At the time of this writing, my header is text only. I don’t like triggering spam filters, as a general rule of thumb. Feel free to play around, though with a design you love.


9. Add in a Conclusion

Add whatever conclusion you want to have at the end of every email, in the text field.ย Aweber network marketing newsletter social media sharingWhile you’re at the bottom of your email, encourage people to follow you on social media by dragging the “Follow Me” icon to where you want the social sharing buttons to be in your newsletter. You can have your personal Facebook page, Twitter, or both.


10. Formatting and Testing

Any top network marketing newsletter is left oriented with a white background. Since this is the default format in Aweber, you don’t need to do much.

Just know that if for some reason you want to change things around, you do so on the right side of the screen, by Message Properties.

You can also preview and test your newsletter, and send it privately to your email account to see what it looks like in the real world. Click on Preview & Test to send that email off.

Aweber network marketing newsletter formatting


11. Save Yourself Lots of Trouble…

Now that you went to all that work, once you’re happy with what you’ve designed, on the lower right side of the screen click on Save and Exit.

Aweber network marketing newsletter save and exit

And just where did it save to?


12. Finding Your Email in Aweber

If (at any time) you can’t figure out where your email went, don’t worry. It’s automatically saved in Drafts, which is accessible via the menu at the top from any page.

Aweber network marketing newsletter drafts


13. Use Your Email as a Template

My preferred way of using a template is, after setting up the initial message and it’s saved in Drafts, to make a copy or two in Drafts, and use a copy for my next email. You can see how I copied my original, twice, in the screenshot below.

Now, once you’ve polished off your network marketing newsletter, and are ready to send off your email, click Send Options.

Aweber network marketing newsletter draft templatesFeel free to check your spam score while you’re in the Drafts section. My spam score is 0 (best possible) out of 5 (worst of all).


14. Broadcast Your Email

Click on Send Options, and a dropdown menu appears. Choose Schedule a Broadcast.

Aweber network marketing newsletter select schedule a broadcastNext, this window pops up:

Aweber network marketing newsletter sending email broadcast

Click Edit on the right if you want to change any the broadcast settings. For example, if I want to share this on my Twitter account, but not my personal Facebook Page, I can select Edit, and then select the appropriate settings.

(As a note, for Who Should Receive This Message?, Newsletter Opt-Ins is my default setting.)

If you want to send the email immediately, then leave When Should This Message Be Sent? as is. Otherwise, if you’d like to be at the beach when you really should be sending your email, click the Edit button and schedule the day and time you’d like to send your email.

If you are sending the email immediately, then when done, click the green Send Message Now.

If you scheduled your email, it’ll get sent when you scheduled it, so you can go to the beach AND still send off a great network marketing newsletter! In this case, the green box at the bottom of the page will change to show a confirmation of the day and time your email is scheduled. Beach or no beach, the email will get sent.

Congrats! You’re all set up and ready to go for your network marketing newsletter!


The Next Step for Your Network Marketing Newsletter

In the near future I’ll cover how to use Aweber to set up a fantastic autoresponder series once someone signs up for your email. And also how to write a newsletter people want to read.

It’s my turn now: Get the newsletter info sent straight to your inbox by, yes, signing up for this newsletter. And in the process, get your business growth strategy in place by downloading a free report to Develop Your Customized Power Statement!


Have a great and successful day,

Reach Ruthanne

PS โ€“ Click here for an easy way to learn how to get leads & prospects to call YOU about your business.


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  • Glenda Cates

    Reply Reply July 31, 2017

    I wish I had this article when I was wanting to start a Newsletter as I ended up paying someone to set it up and now it is manually done for me which saves me time and headache each week.

    • Ruthanne

      Reply Reply July 31, 2017

      So glad this saves you a headache – we don’t need any more, do we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Martha

    Reply Reply July 31, 2017

    What an easy to follow guide! I like all your visuals, make it so user friendly for me.
    Martha recently posted…GREAT JULY 2017 ULTIMATE BLOG CHALLENGEMy Profile

    • Ruthanne

      Reply Reply July 31, 2017

      Thanks very much! So glad this helped out.

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