Fearless Prospecting

Fearless Prospecting for MLM

Fearless prospecting. Is it possible?

Sort of.

(I bet that wasn’t the answer you were expecting.)

I’m reading an amazing book that a good friend told me about, Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount. And it ties in perfectly to being nervous about prospecting.

You’ll hear more about Fanatical Prospecting next week, but it made sense to talk a little about it today, the middle of the week covering overcoming prospecting fear.


Because this is what Blount says about prospecting (It’s long, but really worth it!):

“I’ve been selling in the trenches my entire life. I’ve got trophy cases full of awards for my sales achievements. I started a successful multi million-dollar business from the ground up and survived and thrived because my only option was to pick up the phone and start dialing. I am considered a leading expert on sales because of these accomplishments, and people pay be big bucks just to teach them the things I know. I’ve made millions of dollars in commissions. Bought big houses, boats, cars, and all of the toys a successful career in sales affords.

All of this was courtesy of fanatical prospecting. All of it! Yet, even though I know what brought me to the dance, even though I am fully aware that prospecting generates my income, the truth is prospecting is still the hardest, most mentally exhausting part of my sales day. There is always something more fun I would rather do, and although I know it will never get easier, the one thing that separate me from most other people is this: I get over it and do it any way.” (Emphasis mine, not the author’s.)

Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount, p.8


Amazing, isn’t it? Blount never found that prospecting got easy. He simply got over it.

And if he did, the you can too.    🙂

But let’s be totally honest here: getting over it can take some work…


Great. Now What?

For fearless prospecting, what do you do now?


Keep working at it, and work on nailing these 7 Fearless Prospecting Mindset Hacks that Blount shared in his book.

Because your mindset determines your outcome.

Case in point, if you are nervous about prospecting, but you do it anyway – and with a smile (with the help from this blog), don’t you think you’ll get results? Even if you got 100 no’s like Cesar was talking about in yesterday’s post.

It won’t necessarily get easier, but you will get better.

And your results will get better, too.

Enjoy these mindset hacks to get you to the point of being able to prospect. And prospect fearlessly – or near enough to it. They’re fantastic!


7 Fearless Prospecting Mindset Hacks

1. Optimistic and Enthusiastic

Fearless prospectors are bright, sunny, and positive. They start out the day full of energy, and do their very best to brush off the naysayers. They dig deep inside for that strength to make one more call.


2. Competitive

Fearless prospectors like to come out on top. So if you don’t have a competitive bone in your body, put one in. Challenge yourself, and be determined to come out on top!


3. Confident

This one thing alone can be a game-changer. When, instead of being nervous and full of self-doubt, you radiate confidence, it infects those around you. It conveys that you’re worthy of your prospect’s trust. And business.

Work really, really hard on this one. Hold your head high, shoulders back, and have a confident smile on your face and in your voice.

These simple physical changes actually change how your brain thinks! If you have a confident posture, you actually do feel more confident!


4. Relentless

Fanatical and fearless prospecting means you’ll do what it takes to achieve your goal. Never give up.

Persistence wins.


5. Thirsty for Knowledge

Never ever think you’ve learned all you need to know. Continue to always add to your personal value (“Sharpen the Saw”, as Steven Covey puts it). As your personal value increases, so will your income.


6. Systematic and Efficient

Top prospectors are skilled and efficient like a pro athlete. Fearless prospectors put the disciplined time in their work, and focus on efficiency, not checking the latest social media post.


7. Adaptable and Flexible

Fearless prospecting means you’re very aware of what’s going on, and you adopt, adapt and are adept:

Adopt new prospecting ideas, adapt them to your situation, and become familiar with those new ideas until you’re adept at using them.

Continually try new things to keep your prospecting pipeline full.

To Your Success…

If you want more details regarding these 7 mindset hacks for fearless prospecting, go ahead and get Blout’s book. It’s really great.

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