MLM Prospecting For Sales – You’re Smarter Than You Think

MLM prospecting for salesWhen it comes to MLM prospecting for sales, you really are smarter than you think.

This week we’re covering how to overcome prospecting fear. And I know you heard from Cesar Rodriguez yesterday, but I saw this, really loved it, and positively had to share.

I just finished watching the video from Cesar’s blog titled, “You’re Smarter Than You Think”.

The title got me curious, so I read the brief article and watched the video.


I am simply. blown. away.

Cesar’s message is soooooooooooo encouraging.

And I’m of the personal persuasion that none of us can ever get too much encouragement.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts on Cesar’s beautifully encouraging message.


Facing Failure

Have you faced failure in your network marketing career? Cesar really tops the list.

He decided, after getting a 4-year degree, to turn to network marketing instead.

Everyone told him it was a bad idea. Even his mom, who supports him more than anyone. His mom took this stance because she didn’t want to see her son get hurt – she was sure he’d fail in his business.

Instead, Cesar went out and spoke to over 100 people. And know what kind of response he got?

They all said no.


100 No’s

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t ever heard of anyone starting out in network marketing, who got over 100 no’s right off the bat.

Probably because very few people stick it out that long. After all, 100 no’s is not something the average Joe can handle.

…But then again (pardon me while I stand on my soapbox), if you want to get ordinary results, do what everyone else does.

If, however, you want to get extraordinary results, do what others don’t, won’t or are afraid to do.


Cesar’s Next Moves

Instead of quitting and seeing failing as being a failure (which isn’t true, by the way), Cesar took the responsibility on his own shoulders, and got training.

He got lots of training.

Lots and lots, in fact.

Cesar also devoured books and training programs.

He even found himself a mentor, and moved near to where his mentor lived, so he could hang out with his mentor on weekends and observe how his mentor worked.

Brilliant, that.

– But not something everyone can do.

However, mull this one over a bit… If you have a mentor,  wherever they are, what can you do that would be in the same spirit as Cesar? Brainstorm a little and see what you come up with.


MLM Prospecting for Sales: You’re Smart

Cesar drives home the point, in a way that’s unique to him, that you. are. smart. That the reason why he didn’t listen to the naysayers -because told himself that he was smart. He was smart because he saw the big picture.

Let me take a brief intermission to explain that Cesar isn’t being boastful. Not at all. He’s smart, he says, and so are you.

He sought out a mentor. You’re seeking a mentor and seeking more help and information right now by simply reading this blog.

That proves you’re smart!

His way of overcoming prospecting fear was to realize he needed more education and inspiration. And the beautiful thing is, now Cesar is paying it forward. – Case in point, his fantastically encouraging post.

He learned, and learned, and learned. And it clicked.

And since you’re smart, it will click for you, too.   🙂


Cesar’s Post with Video

Here’s the link to Cesar’s post with video. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

You’re Smarter Than You Think!



Are you feeling as motivated and inspired as I am? MLM prospecting for sales requires bravery. It requires not caring about what others say. It’s about believing in yourself.

It’s also about getting training.

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