Nervous Prospecting for Sales?

Nervous Prospecting for SalesNervous prospecting for sales?

You’re not alone. One well-known  MLM leader, Ray Higdon, used to be as well.

In fact, Ray began his career in network marketing painfully shy.

So in my book, someone like him, starting out so shy and ending up so successful, is worth listening to.

While researching information on overcoming fear when prospecting for sales, I came across one of Ray’s articles, “MLM Prospecting: How Even Shy People Can Recruit”.

The article is short, and is accompanied by a genius 6-minute video.

What does Ray suggest?

Make a 3-4 minute video daily, and post it to YouTube or Social Media.

You won’t get results right away, it takes time. But bit by bit you’ll grow your tribe. And Ray poses this question: Is it easier to talk to someone if they want to talk to you?

You betcha!

In fact, this is nothing short of brilliant for people who are shy (or even if you’re not). What a game changer!


So What do I Need to Get Started?

Really, all you need to get started making videos is a smartphone, and an optional YouTube account.

I record videos using my iPhone, then upload it to both YouTube and Facebook.

Easy! And free.

The recording sounds much nicer if you have a little clip-on mike, or lavaliere. Here’s what I got off Amazon.

And later on, if you want some better lighting, here’s an inexpensive option that works very well, also off Amazon.

That’s really all you need as far as supplies. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.


But… I’m Terrible At This!

If this is your reason for not doing videos, then here’s a little secret: everyone is terrible at first.

No exceptions.

There’s one way and only one way to get really good at making videos, and that is to just do it.

Make a video, as bad as it seems, and upload it to YouTube. (Turn comments off.) Or another social media site you have, if you’re really feeling gutsy.

And trust me, regardless of how bad your video seems to you, there are plenty of videos out there worse than yours.

90% of people never get past their first few videos. Don’t let that happen to you.

It won’t take long before you get better.

And better.

And better yet.

Keep making videos, and you’ll be a champ in no time.   🙂


The Upside

The big reason why many are struggling with prospecting for sales is from the fear of rejection.

It’s very powerful. And no fun.

With videos you obviously sidestep this. And over time, people will find you. And like you. And reach out to you.

Also, by getting familiar with talking about your business on video, you’ll find that after a while it will be less and less of a deal speaking with people face to face.

This way you gradually wean into speaking to others about what your product or service is.

Think of each video as a baby step towards overcoming that fear. Pair that with Cesar Rodrigez’s video from this blog post, and you’ll have a winning one-two punch!


Ray’s Post About Prospecting for Sales

Here’s the link to Ray’s blog post with video. It’s bound to be a great help to you prospecting for sales, and Ray will show you just how to get started.

Go to Ray’s Blog Post

Great stuff!


Moving Forward

Once you get really good at making videos, post them regularly once a week or more, to your favorite social media channel.

Consistency is key.

Don’t be apprehensive – I know how weird it is listening to yourself on a video, but do it anyway.

The first time seems like slow torture.

The second video will still seem like slow torture.

But at some point, you’ll get comfortable with it.

In fact, I recommend setting aside some time one day a week, like Saturday morning, and do a bunch of videos all at once. Set up and roll ’em!

Soon you’ll be a pro.


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Have a great day,

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