Network Marketing Start Up – What to Do?

Network Marketing Start UpWhen doing a network marketing start up, just what is the best thing to do? Most uplines tell you to list everyone you know, and then call them and invite them over to a party, or you can bring the party to them.

But what else is there to do? And what if you feel a bit intimidated by the whole process?

Here are perhaps some surprising and insightful answers (from experience) that you may not be aware of – and things that very few uplines teach.

Because every new network marketer wants to know:

  • How do you grow your business right, from the start (and not lose your friends, as some I know have)?
  • And what pitfalls should you avoid?
  • How do the best of the best network marketers succeed in their chosen business, and what is it they do differently?

…And what if you hate getting on the phone and calling all your friends for your business, then what???

Fear not, we’ll address all these issues with the best resources I’ve run across. Starting with…


Understand the Successful Mindset

A great example of what mindset not to have is, “Just tell people about your products / services. The business will run itself.”


Network marketing is work. It’s fun work, but it’s work. There are no short cuts to wealth, despite what some may say.

You get paid what you’re worth. So remember that as you continually build and improve your skills, you’ll see your check continually build and improve as well. 🙂

Also, remember that this is a relationship business. You’re nurturing relationships, not selling to people!

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Click To Tweet

So be someone people know, like and trust.


Learn One Powerful, Easy Phrase

If I could share just one, single phrase to use over and over – a phrase that’s not pushy or in your face, while being very flexible is:

Just throwing this out there, if I could show you how to (solve a problem), would you be open to hearing about it / would you be open to learning more?

There are several things about this single statement that make it so powerful. Let’s break it down, bit by bit.

  1. Prefacing what you say with, “Just throwing this out there,” or “Just curious,” softens your statement, making what you have to say more casual, more easy going, and more flexible. (More on softening your statements in the next section on buffers.)
  2. The, “If I could…would you…” combo is very powerful. Use this anywhere and with anyone. Really. You’re offering to do something and in return you’re asking the other person if they’re willing to do something too.
  3. “Would you be open…Never, ever, ever ask someone if they’re interested in learning more. It’s terribly easy for someone not to be interested, but it’s harder for someone to say they’re not open. This keeps the door open a bit longer for you to build trust and likeability.

Next, let’s cover a lesser-known, powerful way to soften anything you have to say, making your message more like-able.


Use Buffers

Buffers are critical for the success of a network marketing start up. And why buffers aren’t taught by every upline in every network marketing company is beyond me.

A buffer is a word or phrase that conveys to the other person that they have space to make up their own mind, and can say no to you. It shows you won’t be pushy, rude, or hard to get rid of (you know the type!).

Now, you may think that if you make it easier for people to say no, people will say no more often. But actually the opposite is true. Let this sink deep, deep in to your prospecting style:

Make it easy to say no to your network marketing business, and people are more likely to say yes. Click To Tweet

Think about it. Are you more likely to say yes if someone says,

“Hey, you have to buy this. Now. You’ll wonder how you ever made it this far in life without this widget.”


“Just curious, but if I could show you how to solve (that issue), would you be open to learning more?”

I know which I’d agree to.


So we’ve established buffers and being able to say no are important. But how do you actually use buffers? This should help:

Avoid Coming off as a Pushy Network Marketer

If you’d like to learn more about not coming off as pushy, then this post (where the infographic is from) will be a huge help.


Successfully Launching Your Network Marketing Start Up

The final resource to complete your network marketing start up toolkit is an eBook I bought, read, and put to use. It’s absolutely fantastic, and makes so. much. sense.

It’s called the Attraction Marketing Formula, and it’s about how to attract people to you, instead of chasing prospects down. Get your discounted copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula here.

Best of all, it’s an easy read, and easy to put into practice. (I like easy!)

Much of what I’ve written in today’s post is discussed, in greater depth, in the Attraction Marketing Formula. And you can’t beat the discounted price of $27.


Wrapping Up Our Start Up Lesson

So to summarize, make sure you:

  1. Be someone people know, like, and trust
  2. Learn a powerful, flexible phrase
  3. Use buffers
  4. Get the Attraction Marketing Formula

This network marketing start up guide is written with you, the network marketing newbie in mind, to provide insights and help that most uplines aren’t aware of. With this collection of the best advice I can share, which I wish I knew when I first started, this should really leave you on solid ground.

Also, be sure to check out the Related Posts below – two of the links show what not to say, and one is for those who struggle with prospecting fear.

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I wish you the very best!


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Have a great day,


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  • Kathleen Gage

    Reply Reply July 8, 2017

    Your posts are great. I really like how you break things down to simple steps AND that you show it does take work and the right mindset.

    Great job.
    Kathleen Gage recently posted…The Why and How of an Author Media PlatformMy Profile

    • Ruthanne

      Reply Reply July 10, 2017

      Hi Kathleen, and thanks so much!

  • Well, I can guarantee that none of them would work for me.
    But, I’m glad to see at least one network marketer recognizes that the pitch often removes friendship from the circle.
    Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…The state of business?My Profile

    • Ruthanne

      Reply Reply July 10, 2017

      I know one person who pitches CONSTANTLY! And her friends can’t really even talk to her any more. It’s sad, because there’s a better, gentler way.

  • Martha

    Reply Reply July 9, 2017

    Great, helpful advice Ruthanne. And yes, mindset is so important.

    • Ruthanne

      Reply Reply July 10, 2017

      Thanks Martha, and yes, the mindset is so important!

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