Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I’ve pulled the top ten most popular blog posts for 2016 together so the best of the best are all in one location.

popular blog posts for 2016

10. How to Prospect without Harassing Friends and Family

Ranking 10th among the popular popular blog posts for 2016, and obviously a hot topic among aspiring network marketers, this post on how to prospect without harassing friends and family was a big help to many.

The post starts out with me sharing one of the. most. awkward. moments in my prospecting history! I hope this never happens to you in any way, shape, or form!


9. Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning by Hal ElrodThe book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod simply blew me away.

You see, when I got up early – before reading Miracle Morning, I always got sick. Within days!

Now, thanks to the Miracle Morning, it’s simply not a problem. (Which really surprised me!) And because I get up earlier, I get more done in the morning with less time.

Basically, I now get a 26 hour day.

Whatta deal. 🙂

This summary turned out to be blog’s ninth most popular blog post. Read the post, and get the book. You won’t regret it.


8. Young Living: Is it a Scam???

A while back I spent a week reviewing different network marketing companies, checking them out to see if they were a scam.  Apparently, Young Living has been something a lot of people have been curious about.

Read my post on Young Living, and find out what the verdict is. Is it legit, or no?


7. Lunasin Explained so Simply, a 5th Grader Could Get It

lunasin explained simplyYes, really. The 7th most popular blog post for2016 was on the simple explanation of lunasin.

Lunasin is in the news and being used in research studies in places like Duke University. And people are getting curious:

What is lunasin?

Why all the excitement?

What is it anyway, and why is it so effective?

Since lunasin is the product of a network marketing company, I’ve posted a few reviews and explanations about how it works and what it’s all about.

As it turns out, this post on the simple explanation of lunasin was particularly popular. And gets more popular as time goes by.

Explaining something like lunasin comes naturally to me, since I have a background in organic chemistry, as well as a background in teaching, where I took complex ideas and explained them simply.

Check out Lunasin. It’s really amazing!


6. Little-Known MLM Success Tip: A Phone Party

MLM Success Phone PartyI’m a big believer in synergy and the magic that happens when a group of people come together for a common purpose.

And when MLMers come together to have a phone party, things really get exciting.

What’s a phone party?

It has nothing to do with cold calling.

And nothing to do with being pushy, either.

When done right, it’s all energy, enthusiasm, and fun!

And the big bonus is that a group of you are together to not only get things done, but also support and help each other stay accountable.

Read about implementing a Phone Party with your networking group – and let me know how it goes!


5. Is Reliv a Scam???

This 5th most popular blog post for 2016 comes from the same series as  the 7th most popular post (on Young Living), where I checked out various network marketing companies to see if they were legit.

Apparently a lot of people are curious about Reliv.

Learn about the results of my investigation: Is Reliv really a scam?


4. Three SMART Goal Examples to Help You Succeed

3 SMART Goal ExamplesSMART goals are a big deal. They’re super helpful, and make an enormous difference in how I achieve my goals.

And with this being the 4th most popular blog post, it’s obviously a big help to others, too.

Before using SMART goals, I didn’t achieve my goals. Period.

Now I do.

So this post on 3 SMART Goal Examples to Help You Succeed walks you through what a SMART goal is, and how to make SMART goals of your own.

As a bonus, here’s a link to another page where you can download a SMART Goal Worksheet to help you design and implement your goals.


3. Do You Ever Feel Like Quitting Your MLM?

feel like quitting your MLMOuch. This 3rd most popular blog post really hit home with a lot of people.  It was also very popular on Pinterest, too.

A lot of MLMers feel frustrated when their MLM isn’t growing. And they feel like quitting.

It’s hard.

I get it.

Network marketing takes work. And sometimes that fact wasn’t made abundantly clear to some before joining their MLM.

Add to that fact that the rules have changed. We’re now in the age of the internet.

Because of this, people have information at their fingertips. At all times. And people are more skeptical now, and are accustomed to being marketed to. Continually.

All this adds up to new rules for marketing… or to be more precise, it’s the old rules, applied differently. Also in this post are two very encouraging videos. Because if you’re reading this post, you need a bit of encouragement!


2. Top Earners’ 10 Steps with Eric Worre

10 steps to network marketing by eric worreThe second most popular blog posts for 2016, was quite something. This post, although written a year ago, was a popular post! A year later and it’s still going viral on Pinterest.

I took copious notes when sitting in on Eric Worre’s Top Earners’ 10 Steps, and then shared everything I learned.

Be sure to check this out. Eric Worre’s training simply can’t be beat.


1. Six Steps to Overcoming Prospecting Fear

overcoming prospecting fearThe most popular blog post for 2016 covered one of the most common issues with new and struggling network marketers: Overcoming Prospecting Fear.

Look, I totally get it.

It can be scary for some, because they’re afraid of how people will respond to them, or nervous about saying the wrong thing by coming off pushy, …

When you’re torn between desperately wanting to grow your home business, while at the same time struggling with prospecting fear – it’s such an uncomfortable, awkward, and overall yucky place to be.

This post will get you unstuck. Gently.


Wrapping Up the Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016

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